Community life, cooperative ownership

Turn it into an ecovillage?

won’t you be our neighbor?

We’ve heard over the years of planning the coop from people who like the idea of community, but for one reason or another, don’t like the idea of shared kitchen and bathrooms in the big house with satellite private bedrooms in cabins or sheds. That’s the model we chose and there are reasons why; yet other models are available, like cohousing and ecovillages. We have the opportunity to do both right now because there are two houses within eyesight of the house we bought, and both are for sale.

The reason we love our one-kitchen model for Listening Tree is because it:

  • draws people together everyday, at least for meals;
  • with private space in separate buildings, it gives each of us a chance to be together or alone as needed;
  • wanting to be more community focused, we like how this architecture will counter our cultural conditioning to turn back to the nuclear families or single life we are accustomed to;
  • it is far less expensive than cohousing;
  • the sleeping/living space doesn’t need to be heated when no one is in it, because it will not have plumbing pipes that can’t be allowed to freeze;
  • one washing machine, one kitchen, a couple bathrooms vs. one each saves a lot of other resources, including embedded energy;
  • reduce conflicts over sleep schedules compared to living in one big building;
  • no more “you like to sleep with the window open, I like to sleep with the window closed, so good bye, goodbye, goodbye”–as Paul Simon said. To each her own.

But if you value cooking alone, eating whenever you want, private meals with family or partner, yet still would like to be part of our larger community, living in the neighborhood might be the perfect solution. Right now, two houses are for sale literally a stone’s throw away.

You could be our neighbors, and would be the closest part of the co-op’s broader community.

Update, Sept 2018: these houses have been purchased, but there is another for sale through Long Realty just a few houses up the road.

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