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Application process, apple processing, and next potluck


We’ve been processing apples, winterizing our first tiny cabin, and developing the process for people to become members of the coop.

We have recently completed an application process for prospective residents/farmers at Listening Tree. It is our intention to carefully build out our community in a way that helps to realize our vision and creates a diverse, balanced and compatible membership. Currently, we seek one or two residents, or perhaps a small family, as well as a market farmer. If you or someone you know are interested in exploring Listening Tree as a place to live, please contact us to get more details (we ask that you review our vision statement beforehand). We can send you the application questionnaire we have developed as well.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support for our cooperative.

Meanwhile, our neighbor’s apples keep flowing into the kitchen, and we’ve collected the astounding array of apple processing paraphernalia you see here.


All of which is to say please don’t bring apples to the next potluck! Firming up to be Saturday, November 14 at 4 pm.

6 thoughts on “Application process, apple processing, and next potluck”

  1. Libby Edgerly and maybe her daughter Hannah are planning to attend potluck on Nov 14, 4 pm. thank you for the invite. – Libby


  2. Very interested in attending a potluck and hearing more about the vision you have for the property. Also would like to look over the application and questionnaire if possible. Thanks Again


    1. We’ll gather at 4 on Saturday so people can explore the land in the light. Then we’ll eat–and you can bring whatever you want besides carrots and greens–we still have lots in the garden and the freezer.

      We’ll have copies of the application questionnaire at the potluck.

      We’re at 87 Reservoir Rd., Chepachet, RI 02814.



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