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Plans, plans, plans


Plans are shaping up for 2019. As part of our social permaculture, the community made new year’s vision boards, and shared with each other our individual visions for the next year. My (Karina’s) biggest plan is to plan:

  • write up the results of our group permaculture planning to date;
  • complete a Natural Resource Conservation Service forestry plan with a local forester, complete with medicinal herb preservation, agroforestry, food forest expansion, woodlot management, and biodiversity enhancement;
  • integrate the permaculture and forestry plans into an official conservation plan for the farm with the Northern RI Conservation District.

And we’re planning events. We already have the Pollinators workshop that had to be postponed from last October set for May 18. And the potlucks will again return to the first Saturday of all the warm months, April-October.

We might host an herb workshop, a spoken word night, the Young Farmers Network, compost toilet workshop, and bring back some faves, like the worm composting workshop and wild edibles. I’m thinking of presenting a sustainable energy workshop–using our energy efficiency and renewable energy systems and solar greenhouse/solar shower/wash station complex plans as the laboratory to explore energy concepts and practices for decarbonizing our world. We might host the National Solar Tour here Oct. 5.

What do you want to learn about? What might you present? Contact us with any ideas. Details to follow, as always on our Events @ Listening Tree page.

8 thoughts on “Plans, plans, plans”

      1. Linda, I don’t have your email or phone no. So please do call if you want to help organize an equinox event. Could be quite simple, like a fire circle next to the pond. Equinox is March 20 this year, and going to be a full moon! But it’s also a Wednesday, so would have to be something simple.


    1. Hi Karina, This sounds great, looking forward to the new year. I would also be interested in a equinox celebration. Chris


      1. Would be great to have you back, Chris! We’re about to buy a bunch of the fruit trees you suggested for the food forest during the permaculture charette, to plant in the spring! And have planted some you can visit, like the hardy kiwis around a new walker/biker entry arbor to the front yard.

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