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The last thing we want to do is go more virtual. But we don’t want to miss Russ Cohen this year, either!

We have canceled our Events at Listening Tree workshops for the year. We regret not being able to learn in nature and garden together as we usually do in spring, summer, and fall. But we are also hopeful that we will see the COVID-19 curve flatten soon.

While the coronavirus has put a temporary pause on public connections, it doesn’t stop our ability to learn nor stop our relationship to nature. At the co-op, we’re walking in the woods and fields, digging in the dirt, planting apple trees, sorting worms from compost, and caring for our new baby lambs. We hope you, too, are not nature distancing at this pivotal time, when the air is cleaner, the climate gets a breather, and the opportunity opens to the profound social and economic changes necessary to reverse humanity’s deathly environmental trajectory.

One small solace in the wake of events cancellation is that one of our favorite presenters, wild edibles expert Russ Cohen, will present a live, one-hour webinar this Friday, April 24 at 5:30 pm. He’ll discuss how to identify edible wild plants, what seasons these plants are available, how to prepare these wild species, and how to forage in a manner that is environmentally beneficial. Rhode Island is host to over 150 of these species of wild plants, many of which are edible and provide more nutrients than cultivated plants. How we would love to taste, smell, and touch these plants in real life! It would be one way to feel closer to the natural world and cure us of the delusion of separation. We will do that again, and we hope you are finding ways to do it in meanwhile. Perhaps you might also learn some juicy tidbits from Russ’s webinar:

Tasty Wild Edibles Friday

Sponsored by NOFA Mass.

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