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Gratitude, paying forward


Classic hippie buses full of new generations of classic hippies

Literally busloads of volunteers from the Grateful 4 Grace Revivalist Tour arrived at Listening Tree Coop last week to help shape up the farms and build out our coop infrastructure. It’s amazing how much got done in a week. They completed the composting privy, hoisted the roof deck for a new cabin, put up the rotational grazing fence for a new chicken run, (ate and) weeded weeds, chopped kindling, built a platform for a 750 gallon cistern, and trellised tomatoes. They made a new, wide gate in the homestead garden fence, and now truckloads of compost can get straight into the garden. Volunteers also helped start a hugelkultur mound in our future food forest area.

But more than all the work, the Grateful 4 Gracers’ loving energy uplifted everyone here. The trees, too, are grateful, from what we can tell!

The Grateful 4 Grace caravan travels around helping intentional communities build capacity as a way of paying forward the gratitude of their founders. We are certainly grateful for them and will pay forward to the world from the strength they lent us! Already we sent a big bag of fresh organic veggies along with them to bring to their next stop.

Thank you, thank you! To them and everyone who’s helped and touched our hearts here at Listening Tree.




Heron and Leah enjoy the view from the barn loft

Heron and Leah enjoyed the view out the herb loft window.


listening to the land

New name!

turkey on the Co--op


It took a good, long, collaborative while, but those of us living here have settled on a name. Listening Tree Cooperative. Or Lis’ning Tree Co-op for short.

While we were eating dinner out on the deck, the turkeys came by. Two mothers with seventeen adolescent turkeys have been roosting most nights in white pines close behind the house. They stage their awkward, flappy launches from our yard, one by one.

Wednesday morning I woke up early enough, and dawn broke late enough, that I heard for the first time the flock descend, again, one by one, to start their day. Now I’m listening every morning for their little gobbles and under-the-breath blurps and cackles and that I-can-fly-but-I’d-really-rather-not flapping.

I’m sure the trees have been listening all along.


Community life

ProJo article: “Nascent R.I. cooperative community strives for ‘intentional living'”

You may have read about us here:

Nascent R.I. cooperative community strives for ‘intentional living’ in Chepachet.

and want more information or to connect, so we made this makeshift website. We weren’t looking for the publicity yet–as the headline says–we too were waiting to see “if it works”–but here we are, and we do want to connect with people who are inspired by our vision.

You can contact us by calling 401-710-9784.

Or come to one of our Friday night potlucks, just please call first.