About Listening Tree Cooperative


Listening Tree Co-op is a community of equity- and ecology-minded individuals, growing our own food, sharing meals, hosting community events, and living and homesteading cooperatively together in Chepachet, RI. We share 33 acres of land, 5 of which is farmland. Fields are open for market farmers to join us, or others with land-based enterprises.

We are a cooperative household, incorporated as a limited equity housing cooperative to preserve farmland for farming & housing for people, and to make it permanently affordable to do both here. See our vision statement for details.

To stay up to date, follow this blog on WordPress, and/or sign up for our email list to receive updates about upcoming events. Our events page lists our get-to-know-you potlucks, and other educational events.

To RSVP for events, use the links on the events page or call (401)710-9784. For the address or directions, please call (401)710-9784. We prefer people call before coming by, since this is our home and working farm.


More details are on our Fellowship for Intentional Community directory profile.

If you are looking for Hocus Pocus CSA, the website is hocuspocusfarm.wordpress.com.

If you are looking for Jim Tull and Karina Lutz’s SpiralEcology workshops, or Karina’s yoga classes, the website is yogaforpeace.massageplanet.com.

If you are looking for Jim Tull’s book, Positive Thinking in a Dark Age: Essays on the Global Transition, details are at JimTull.com.

If you are looking for Karina’s poetry, it is at karinalutz.wordpress.com.

garden after weeding July 2016
household has its own homestead garden, too

16 thoughts on “About Listening Tree Cooperative”

  1. Hi, my family and I are interested in attending the potluck this afternoon. Do people do mostly vegan food. Also, what is a good time to get there?


    1. 4 pm for the potluck, and anytime after 10 for the work day. Looking forward to meeting you!

      Re diet, it’s a free for all, just label ingredients, thanks for asking.


  2. Friends and I have worked to create cohousing in Providence.
    Our website is at:

    Also on Facebook:

    We are looking for more people interested in living in cohousing style — in Providence.
    So we created a Meetup group to find more people and arrange meetings:

    Providence Cohousing Meetup

    Providence, RI
    83 Members

    We are people from diverse backgrounds looking to create a special kind of housing in the Providence RI area. Sometimes it is called ecoVillage. Most often it is known as coho…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    First few meetings are Thursday March 2, March 9, and Sunday March 12.
    Do you know of anyone who would be interested?
    Please pass along the word.

    Thank you for any help,
    Gary Leib (cell: 401-787-5158 email: gehro@aol.com )


    1. Great to have you. Happy to keep you posted– we have two easy ways to stay in touch. Follow this blog on Word Press (click the blue link in the right column) or sign up for our email list here.


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